Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Christmas Efforts

Announcing the 2011 Christmas Season : EAGLES VOICE CAMPAIGN -
Asking Churches,Pastors,and Congrgations across the USA to please Pray for the US Armed Forces Troops returning from OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM Deployment ! 

1. Pray for Safe Journey Mercies as they travel back to their Families from the Middle East.
2. Pray that as they return to Civilian Life- they may readjust to Peacetime activities free from the Stress of War and Combat hostilities.
3. Pray that Jobs will be found to help Support their Families !

Thanks America! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years !

Chaplain Bill Herrmann,Director/Founder

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update & Thanks

January 1st 2010
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2010 has arrived and as we enter this new decade, I would like to update
everyone on the "EAGLES VOICE" Volunteer Christmas Campaign of 2009. Over
350 Churches and Christian Groups were contacted and asked to participate in
"Special Prayers" on behalf of the U.S. Armed Forces and their Families over
the 2009 Christmas Season.

It is quite wonderful to know that the "Operation:Eagle" Volunteer Lay
Ministry efforts have assisted our Troops and their Families through
hundreds of Churches and MegaChurches Praying for them throughout the
Christmas Season. I would like to extend my personal Thanks and Gratitude to
all the Churches & MegaChurches , Pastors and Congregations that

Paryer is the most important gift that can be given to our Troops and their
Families,and the most requested means of true support asked for by the
Troops and Families themselves.
This I know personally based on over 26 years of Volunteer Lay Ministry
support endeavors and interaction with our Military Community.
As the Scripture declares in Zech 4:6 :" This is the word of the Lord...Not
by might,nor by power, but by my Spirit,saith the Lord of Hosts."
Prayer is a valuable asset in the resources of Volunteer Lay Ministry
across the USA and the Globe in these Last Days. Here at "OPERATION:EAGLE"
HQ's I am keenly aware of it's significance and importance.

May God Protect and Preserve the USA and our US Armed Forces and their

Coram Deo Sola Fides-
Soli Deo Gloria,
Chaplain Bill Herrmann
1st Timothy 1:12-15
9908 Berrywood Drive,
Ladson,SC 29456 USA

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Veterans Day 2009 November 11th,2009

I am contacting Christians and Christian Radio Stations and organizations
across the USA as the Director/Founder of "OPERATION:EAGLE" a Volunteer Lay
Ministry supporting US Armed Forces and their Families for over 25 Years.
You may review "OPERATION:EAGLE" endeavors and efforts on behalf of our
Troops and their Families at www.operationeagle.org

In the aftermath of the Fort Hood shootings in which 13 died and 31 were
wounded all of America have been profoundly reminded of the sacrifice and
service of our Military Community.
Speaking as a consecrated Christian I have dedicated my life for the last
quarter of a century in efforts supporting our Armed Forces and their
Families. Over the last two and a half-decades many Churches across the USA
have participated in "OPERATION:EAGLE" Volunteer Lay Ministry efforts
supporting our Troops and their Families. To date over 450 tons of
volunteer mail-cards,letters,and care packages have been sent overseas to
virtually every deployment of our Military Men and Women. We have reached
out to Wounded Troops at Military Hospitals. We have supported Family
Support Groups. We have demonstrated steadfast and ongoing Support
together. From our beginning with "Letters to Lebanon in 1983 to Operation
Enduring Freedom in 2009 "OPERATION:EAGLE" efforts have continued

The Tragedy at Ft Hood has broken our hearts but has not shattered our
resolve to continue and rekindle support for our Troops and their
Let us take the message of the Chaplain at Ft Hood during the Memorial for
those killed and wounded and unite with Christians everywhere and stand
with our Troops and their Families as never before.

Isaiah 40:28-31 is our starting point. Let us mount up with wings as Eagles
and sound our voices to the Lord Jesus on behalf of our Troops and their

I therefore call upon Christian Pastors,Churches and their Congregations
to please consider including 40 days of Special Prayers on behalf of our
Armed Forces and their Families starting this coming Sunday-15 November
This Campaign will be identified as "EAGLES VOICE 2009 " in honor of the
Troops who have laid down their lives since 9/11/01 and those who have been
wounded. Please pass the word across the USA to Christians everywhere.
Join with me in Prayer for 40 Days for our Troops and their Families!
Thank You for your kind consideration.

Coram Deo Sola Fides-
Soli Deo Gloria,
Chaplain Bill Herrmann
1st Timothy 1:12-15
9908 Berrywood Drive,
Ladson,SC 29456 USA